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Characters - Part 7

More Cosmic Rules' Characters...i mean, only one, for now =P

Name: Morgakna
Age: 29 SpYears
Birth Planet: Arachno

Morgakna is a female slave, property of Timonei Upara. However, Morgakna started to feel in love with the bandit and now she, although she's a slave, she fights alongside her master and lover.
She do not remember how her birth planet is, because she was found in the Market Asteroid, by Timonei Upara, as a baby (Timonei has 10 SpYears old that time), because of that, she do not know her family name.
Morgakna, as all the Arachnid race, is almost imune to psychic powers. She can fly, and use cutting techniques and poison with it!

Chapter 10-->I'll Save My Nakama

Chapter 10

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Kinco Roh, The Marked Asteroid

Kinko Roh is the name given to an asteroid who stays on the orbit of the main star of the Kuogi System and is used as a market to the space travelers. It is known as the Market Asteroid. He is the 1/3 of the size of the Bambuu's natural satelite, Sansor.
The asteroid has 3 controled entrances, the Main Gate, the Star Gate and the VIP Path, but has also just one illegal entrance, the Black Hole.
It has a hologram ring who tells the travelers the news and what they can buy (legally) on the market.

Characters - Part 6

There's the part 6 of more characters

Name: Timonei Upara
Age: 38 SpYears
Birth Planet: Dabiu

Timonei Upara is a rich bandit who uses his influence and money to achieve his goal. He uses the underground black market to trade weapons, dirty money and slaves.
He has psychic powers that works depending the level of angry he is. Because of his powers, the slaves and workers fear him, but also, some respect him. He has a Wanted Poster with a Bounty of  1,5M Gx (Gioxis).
The mercenary, Samu Jaga, works for him.

Name: Jarbix Cobba
Age: 27 SpYears
Birth Planet: Prima

Jarbix Cobba is a hybrid bakuru between a female Primate (inhabitant of Prima) and a male Delta (Grey). He works to Timonei Upara as spy in the Market Asteroid to see the trafic in the Asteroid and to control who get in and get out.
He has a good strengh (heir of the Primates) and a good skill of analizing the situation and reading bakurus little signs (heis of the Deltas).
He has a goal. Win the MWM from Occa Goo, by the mean of a duel!

Chapter 8-->Gatia Sasly, The Beautiful Slave

Chapter 8

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